Harold Hitchcock Print Editions

In March 1999 Phillips Gallery in California released the first of a series
of seven limited edition prints of the paintings of Harold Hitchcock.

These were all [with the exception of the last] high quality serigraph [silk screen]
prints which were hand pulled on best quality canvas and produced in editions of 250
[plus 25 artist’s proofs and 25 hors de commerce]. They are all signed by the artist.

The first print edition was ‘The Three Graces’ which went on to win a silver award in the fine art reproduction category from the Screen Printing and Graphic Imaging Association International at their annual awards. This was produced by Fine Art Press of San Francisco. The print itself measures 30”x40”. ‘The Three Graces’ is a mysterious multi-layered figurative painting which has a prismatic quality of light and seems to depict different dimensions of life surrounding the serene family grouping in the centre.

This was followed by ‘Valley Farm’ size 29”x39” a depiction of a rural idyll of hay making in a timeless valley where the eye can wander through the vistas which open up from the golden sun drenched foreground scene. 

   Next came ‘Medieval Glastonbury’ size 30”x40”  -  again a multi-dimensional depiction  of a medieval themed world inspired by Glastonbury and the legends thereof.  Two worlds intertwined  - the human and the divine.
 ‘Figures In A Forest’  29”x44” is a highly detailed depiction of a tranquil wooded estuary scene in which Harold gives full rein to his love of trees which are lovingly painted in their full majesty….at first one doesn’t notice the small group of figures emerging from the forest on the right hand side and they hardly impact on the undisturbed and serene scene.  
   A couple of smaller prints followed;  ‘Knight of the Holy Grail’ measuring 20”x16” is an evocation of Harold’s love of the Arthurian Legends.  For Harold the knight is a symbol of the perfected man, the true human who has realised his spiritual nature and in the foreground we have the white dove which is the Holy Spirit in Christian symbolism.    The painting depicts a gateway through which the viewer is drawn, another world beyond the one we know.
Grecian Harbour’ 16”x20” is a typical Harold coastal scene where the majesty of the buildings – which owe more to medieval England than to classical Greece – is tempered by the humble fisherman going about his everyday work in his light-filled world.  

The final print edition is a lithograph on special paper and the only one to be produced in this country. It was produced by one of this country’s leading fine art printers - the Curwen Studio at Chilford Hall Cambridgeshire. In 2008 the Curwen Studio celebrated its 50th. anniversary with a display at Tate Britain.
The print is entitled ‘Arthur’s Arrival at Marazion’ and is a wonderfully luminous light-flooded harbour scene where a large ship is appearing as if out of a mist evoking a dream-like atmosphere in this softly rendered other world. The detailing is exquisite, like a medieval tapestry. This lithograph print was also produced in an edition limited to 250 plus 25 AP and 25 HC and measures 18”x25”.



Sadly Harold passed away in 2009 and so the prints that remain from these 7 editions

are the last signed works of Harold’s that are available,