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This site is a celebration of the life and work of Harold Hitchcock RSA and it is hoped to gather a definitive collection of material here of an artistic career that spanned well over half a century and produced many thousands of captivating works of brilliance.

Harold painted from his inner feeling in a spontaneous manner producing light-filled landscapes and figurative paintings of astonishing beauty and originality.
Harking back to a Golden Age and in the tradition of visionary artists such as Claude Lorrain, William Blake, Samuel Palmer and Turner, Harold was at odds with the prevailing trends and fashions of the contemporary art world of which he despaired.
He was self-taught and honed his considerable technical skills whilst working for many years as a commercial artist until the early 60s when he started to paint full-time. Success followed prestigious one-man exhibitions and the patronage of influential figures in the fine art world of the period.